ProppantIQ 19Q2
25 Jun 2019 - Upstream Costs and Technology | Scheduled Update

This report is the 24th release of the ProppantIQ report, which provides detailed analysis of demand, supply, and pricing for the 19Q2 proppant market.

Summary of contents for 19Q2 ProppantIQ

Quarterly summary of changes from WellIQ feed into ProppantIQ, as we continue to progressively enhance the product's value.

The changes to this quarter’s update were mostly market-driven, as opposed to the past year, in which our data sources were evolving because of our integration with IHS Markit Performance Evaluator and Plays and Basins. 

This quarter’s update reflects our view that, with oil prices at steady levels, operators under pressure to deliver returns will not reinvest all their cash flow into production, but rather distribute it back to equity holders. As a result, activity levels are projected to remain somewhat stable in 2019.

More information is in the “US Upstream Overview” section.

In terms of forecasting, this quarter we have pared back our distinct high case forecast to the end of 2020. The assumption going forward is that in the longer term, the high- and base-case conditions converge.

This quarter we began rebroadening the scope of WellIQ, starting with an initial analysis of Argentina’s Vaca Muerta.

  • Summary slides are in the final section of the report.
  • The full deliverable is located on the IHS Markit Connect platform.
  • We invite clients to provide feedback on information they would like to see in the future, as well as whether this type of report is helpful—more generally speaking.
  • As always, clients should feel free to contact us if they have further questions.

Table of contents

  • Market fundamentals
  • Demand
    • North America
    • US
    • Canada
  • US and Canadian Basin trends & profiles
    • Eagle Ford, Permian, Marcellus, Anadarko/SCOOP/STACK, Niobrara/DJ Basin-Wattenberg, Bakken/Williston basin, and WCSB/Canada (Cardium and Montney)
  • Sand supply
    • Regional/in-basin profiles and capacities
    • Supplier market shares and capacities
    • North American frac sand supply
  • Sand pricing
  • Strategic sourcing considerations
  • RCS proppant market and pricing
  • Ceramic proppant market and pricing
  • Logistics and labor
    • Rail
    • Trucking and labor
    • 'Last-mile'
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