WellIQ 2Q20
26 May 2020 - Upstream Costs and Technology | Scheduled Update
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Paola Perez PenaPaola Perez PenaPrincipal Research Analyst

In this report, we provide our clients with the latest onshore capex and upstream activity based on the current market situation. Three different activity scenarios are presented within WellIQ 2Q20. Our base-case scenario assumes global supply cuts, which will lead to large inventory drawdowns in the second half of 2020 as global demand recovers faster than the base case (World oil demand is down compared with 2019).

In addition, we are introducing a new tool that allows customers to view, down to a county level, the relationship between an operator and a supplier or vice versa and is part of the product offering within the PumpingIQ subscription. A snapshot of this new tool has been included in this update.

  • Onshore Services and Materials subscription contents
  • Introduction to Frac Insights tool
  • Changes from WellIQ 1Q20
  • Global oil market snapshot
  • US upstream overview
  • Latest WellIQ results
  • Canadian WellIQ results
  • Appendix
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WellIQ 2Q20
WellIQ 2Q20