Maersk Resilient term with Serica moves to 2021
14 Aug 2020 - Upstream Costs and Technology | Headline Analysis
Matthew DonovanMatthew DonovanSenior Research Analyst

Maersk Drilling has agreed with Serica Energy UK to defer the commencement of the drilling program with jackup Maersk Resilient to a window between March and July 2021. The rig was previously expected to start its 70-day contract with Serica offshore the United Kingdom in October 2020.

Maersk Resilient also has contracts in place with Petrogas E&P offshore the United Kingdom and Dana Petroleum offshore Denmark, originally scheduled for start dates in March 2020 and May 2020, respectively. The commencement dates are to be agreed upon with the respective customers.

Maersk Resilient is a 350-ft harsh environment jackup. The rig is currently warm stacked in the United Kingdom.

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